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In April 2012, I suffered a stroke.  I am beginning to feel better now and will continue to get your orders out.  It's now been 5 years  later and my health has vastly improved, but it's still going to be a long road to total recovery.  I've lost weight and have managed the diabetes so well that my doctor has taken me off insulin and my blood pressure is down due to meds!    We toured the East coast with Cory and his cute family in July 2015.  I cannot believe I just did that.   And this month (May 2016) we all met up at Yosemite for Mother's Day...then Dave, Amber and I flew to SLC to help her negotiate buying a new car......I'm amazed at what I'm able to do now.......The road to recovery is winding and bumpy, but at least I'm on it !!!!!  Dave has taken good care of me. We go out on Saturdays, which is always a good thing.  Thank you for your notes and cards of love. It all helps!  I felt so much better that we joined the kids and grands to Yosemite (May 2014),,,that is really improvement !  Yeah for me and I'm so thankful to my Heavenly Father for this......... our NEW redesigned and updated Treasured Heirlooms by Robin.  I'm serving caffeine-free Diet Pepsi and cookies in Smockville.  Come on in or if you're here, come on upstairs!  Remember to remove your shoes, I have clean socks waiting for know, our new carpet!  
Since 1988, we have specialized in selling smocking supplies, French laces, English laces, Spanish laces, Swiss embroideries many from Capital Imports, Bear Threads and other importers of fine laces and embroideries.  Our stock is rich in patterns from designers Chery Williams to Ginger Snaps Designs to B & B Blueprints, Bonnie Blue, Miche, Old Fashioned Baby, Ellen McCarn, Petite Poche, Children's Corner, Kay Guiles, Primrose Lane, Lynn Weeks and many, many others.  We offer Australian Smocking & Embroidery magazines.  Ask about our subscription prices!  We also carry YLI silk ribbons and YLI silk floss,
  Presencia cotton floss and floche !  Need a needle? Hemming and John James are stocked in many styles and sizes. Schmetz machine needles are here, along with Amanda Jane, Sally Stanley pleater needles, and needles for long-past pleaters.  Beautiful Swiss handkerchiefs enjoy a spot in my shop along with the cutest tape measures ever and elastics and pins and pin cushions.  You can find silver and brass chatelaine tools, Mary Ellen's Best Press starch alternatives, quilt soap, Gingher scissors, YLI heirloom sewing threads in several colors and smocking plates galore!  While they are not on the site as of yet, we stock plates from Little Memories, Little Stitches, Ellen McCarn, Janet Pace, Cherished Stitches, Angel Wears, Julia Golson, Cross-eyed Cricket and all the rest !  Just ask me, I probably have it!  Fabrics are from Fabric Finders, Spechler Vogel, Riley Blake, Capitol Imports, Bear Threads and many more I find along the way. 

As you stroll through my shop that was established in 1988, remember I have many, many patterns, 100s of plates, and tons of books, and some of these are now out of print.  You may find the one that you've been looking for.  If you don't see it, e-mail me and I'll do everythng I can to get it for you.  Amber and I have also placed quite a few items within my shop that are FREE  with a minimum $30 mail order.  Keep looking, have fun and good luck !
Amber and I are continuing to sharpen the photos and update new items.   We have tons of smocking plates in stock.  Please be patient while we get those on this site. We also have several dozens of baby and infant shoes, floche, scrap book stickers, books and papers, etc. we'll be putting on here, in addition to more gifts.  In the meantime, please e-mail if you are looking for a particular design plate. If you see something that needs our attention, please e-mail me at: Enjoy your time here and please come back often.