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I want to give my Love and Hugs to my eldest son, Danny, my daughter Amber and to my husband Dave for helping with this new site.
Danny offered to manage my site way back in the early '90s.  In that time, he attended BYU, then served a 2 year church mission in Japan ("...don't worry can do this while I'm gone...."), then graduated from BYU, then went to the University of Michigan Law School, married Julianna, graduated from law school and now is the father of Seth, Laura and Ryan and Garrett and is practicing law a few miles away.  I am so grateful for his sweetness and willingness to still help me when his life is so busy at this time.    
Amber, just graduated from BYU, served a mission in Chile and is still spending many hours inputting all the goodies on this site and dear Dave, several weeks after his heart surgery, took over the job of photographing many, many products in Smockville. 
And then my gratitude to sons Cory and Casey who modeled their original smocked ties at BYU's Sewing and Needlearts Conference in 1995, then worked in my Treasured Heirlooms booth while I was teaching. 
And to Ricky, who wore my first smocked item when he was 1.  All grown up, Rick is going to optimize my site so everyone who is looking for supplies will find me.
My gratitude and thanks and love go to you!